What happens at BearcatTHON?

A long list of activities: Karaoke, Silent Disco, Obstacle Course, Video Games, Board Games, Cornhole, a Rave Hour and much much more! Most importantly, you'll be able to hang out with the Champions from Cincinnati Childrens

What are the requirements to attend BearcatTHON?

By paying the $25 registration fee, you're all set!

What happens if I don't raise $50?

Do not worry, we will still want you to participate! We will ask you to sign a pledge stating you will try your best during the event to raise the $50 but your attendance is just as important as the fundraising! By getting $50 raised you guarentee yourself a shirt at the event and you'll be eligible for service hours!

What's included in the registration fee?

Good question, the registration fee includes the following: two meals + snacks, a ton of cool activities, and admission to BearcatTHON!

When/Where is BearcatTHON happening this year?

The event is on November 16th 11am-11pm at TUC Great Hall! We have the entire floor of rooms at TUC for serving food, extra games, and even silent disco!

Do I have to join a team? What are teams for?

Short Answer, no you don't have to join a team. However, we highly encourage it! Teams are just groups of friends or student and greek organizations who want to attend the event together! The more people on a team and the more money the group raises, the better!